Artist Statement

I search for the beautiful minimalist potential in everyday life.

My sculptures carry the imperfections of real-life, which gives them an element of familiarity and makes them accessible to an audience; whilst still remaining abstract.

I want to investigate my relationships.

My relationships to; Colour, Form, Texture, Shape, Material, Space, Perspective, Contour, Family, Friends, Lovers, Emotions, Architecture, Shadows, Waste, Travel.

I want to physicalise these relationships and bring them into the four walls of my studio and exhibitions. 




Cob Gallery,  205 Royal College St, London

September 2017



103 Murray Grove, London

September 2017



Keiko Rochaix Yamamoto, 19 Goulston St, London

August 2017


‘More Gas’

Assembly House, 44 Canal Rd, Leeds

July 2017


‘Degree Show’

The Slade School of Art

May 2017


‘Time To Grow Up’

Dye House 451, 451 Wick Ln, London

October 2016



Grant Museum of Zoology,  21 University St, Bloomsbury, London

May 2016


‘Landscape 3000’

L’Amour,  24 Rue Molière, Bagnolet, Paris

February 2016




Artistic Education

Slade School of Fine Art

2014-2017  -   BFA in Fine Art

Central Saint Martins

2013-14   -   Foundation Diploma

Jam Theatre School

2006-2012   -    BTEC in performing  &  BTEC in Music Technology





Mobile: 07738342973